I was fortunate to find your web page a few weeks back. You are a very good lawyer and heck of a nice guy to boot. Thanks for helping me in a time of some angst. Please know how much I appreciated your immediate responses and replies including weekends and calling me back last Wed night. It is obvious what sets you apart from your peers and makes you the leader in your field.

Many thanks.

– Phil

Wow, I didn’t think there are lawyers out there like Mr. Ruben. He did not talk down to me and made me feel comfortable about my very difficult situation. He always answers my calls and responds to my e-mails immediately, and he did a great job with my case. I would recommend his services to anyone.

– Barbara T.

I recently completed my bankruptcy discharge with you and I want you to know how grateful I am for the service I received from your firm. From the associates that answered the phone right up to the attorneys themselves I always felt that I was the only client in the practice. It was not an easy road for me to declare bankruptcy but I am so glad that I trusted you with my personal issues. Thank you so much for being there in such a professional and caring way.

– Donna P.

I have had dealings with other attorneys in the past, but what a pleasure it was to not have to chase my attorney to get a status on my case. I actually got calls on a regular basis informing me where things stood and where we were going at each stage. I don’t think I had to call your office once! Your advice was always very sound, and I am so happy with my settlement.

– Past Client

I have no words to thank the Law Offices of David Ruben for all the attention, support and kindness you dedicated to my father. I simply cherished the services rendered. I am absolutely sure that every person who may need your services will be in excellent hands. I say that based on my own experience having my father’s case handled by your office. David, you were so compassionate and I just can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for him. I would definitely recommend this office to whomever needs an attorney.

– A.L., Columbia, MD

Mr. Ruben, Thanks Again !!! You were awesome!! When the State’s Attorney started reading the police report and the Judge’s face started getting all contorted and his mouth open wide. I thought for sure they were going to lock me up! Then you did your smooth talking and I can’t believe all I got was a $100 fine. I’m so grateful!! I’m really nothing like the person described on the police report! You and Tina both were very reassuring and understanding and she is definitely an asset to your firm and you are a class act! Thank You!!

– J.R., Glen Burnie

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your professional assistance with my family law and divorce issues. Your expertise, service and price were outstanding! You are highly intelligent, very intuitive and creative with great sense of humor. Your kind assistance allowed me to feel at ease with the difficult process of divorce. I really can’t say thank you enough. You’re a great person for helping people in need. I wish you and your family the very best. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

– Abraham W.

David Ruben was my attorney during my recent divorce proceedings. His professional expertise resulted in a positive outcome to a lengthy and difficult process. He and his staff were professional, supportive and quick to respond to my questions and concerns during a stressful time. I would highly recommend him for any family law related representation or advice.

– Nannette B.

I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who assisted with my case. The entire process was convenient and informative. All questions or paperwork I submitted had superior response time. Never any hangups or issues of any kind. It is a nerve racking situation to be in and you all made it anxiety free.

Thank you so very much!

– Shannon H.

David Ruben is personable, sincere, likable and very thorough. Ruben Law firm helped me get through a divorce that my ex wanted to drag out with her over-priced lawyer. David proved to be the calm, rational, and thoroughly knowledgeable attorney you'd want (and need) in your corner. He's not combative (he is tenacious) in the courtroom and seems to be well liked by the judges. He's not arrogant and has a great sense of humor. With David, you'll get more than just expert legal representation -- you'll get someone who listens and who will respect your time and get you the best results. I would trust David with any other legal troubles I hope I never need, give him a call -- you'll be glad you did.

– Jeff R.

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